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As trained professionals for over 22 years we learnt that the best way to keep our clients is by providing the best service as well as quality products while maintaining the best price possible.

We at Xtreme Thermo Systems are your ultimate peace of mind as we guarantee three important facts that all end users must question:


1.       All the brands we supply are from reputable well established International / South African companies to ensure back up service and parts as well as warranty claims.


2.       All our installations are according to the South African regulations and standards to facilitate issuing of COC if needed, also according to manufacturer instructions, to ensure long lasting equipment performance.


3.       We beat any legitimate up to date written quote to give our clients the most value for their money.



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Heating& Cooling Aircons


I mprove your quality of life.For your Home, office or business. Its easy, simple and above all AFFORDABLE.You will be happy to know that our new units will save you on Electricity, your small fan heater at home is 2000 W ! which is more than our big 18000 BTU unit, & our units will give you 3 Times more the heat ! 

So say good bye to huge Power bills, and to useless heaters that you still need to wear a jersey or cuddle under blankets when its on !  
What size Aircon do I need?
There are so many factors that we need to consider before we decide the correct Aircon size. 
The Main factor to determine the size of the unit is the area size and then comes other factors like how well the area is insulated, how many people normally inside and whether we have other sources of heat and how many windows we have in the room etc.
But for the main part the room size has the biggest influence on the Aircon size. 
Please have a look at the table below: 

BTU (Aircon size)

Room size


Power input


9000 BTU

Up to 16 m2


9030 W/h

2.6 kw

12000 BTU

Up to 24 m2


1240 W/h

3.5 kw

18000 BTU

Up to 36 m2


1850 W/h

5.3 kw

24000 BTU

Up to 48 m2


2460 W/h

7.0 kw

30000 BTU

Up to 60 m2


3150 W/h

8.8 kw

36000 BTU

Up to 72 m2


3700 W/h

10.6 kw