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* All our Aircon installation prices are back to back and any extra material such as Trunkings, Copper pipes, Cables, water pumps, etc. will be charged separately.

* Back to back Aircon Installation means indoor unit is mounted on a flat external facing wall and outdoor unit is mounted directly behind the indoor unit.  

* Site Inspections are all done subject to acceptance of an over the phone estimate, and at a site assessment fee of R500

* Clear access internally and externally, please ensure we have immediate unobstructed and cleared access to begin installation.

* The Aircon remains the property of Xtreme Thermo Systems (Pty) Ltd  until paid in full.

* Xtreme Thermo Systems (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to remove the Aircon if full payment is not made within 7 days after installation.

* Empty boxes are always left behind and its the end user’s responsibility to keep or dispose of them

* Aircon DB connection COC can be issued for additional fee.

* All Equipment warranty does not include labour and transport, as its carried out from our suppliers.

* All our installations carry 12 months workmanship guarantee, in addition to the supplier’s conditional warranty , subject to regular service.

* Spares and units which are not supplied by Xtreme Thermo Systems (Pty) Ltd carry no warranty. 

* Prices are subject to change without  prior notice.

* Scaffolding, if we are working above heights of 5m you will be charged for accordingly, Also if we work on the first floor, the out door unit has to be lowered 

down 2-3 m for safety of our workers as well as for future maintenance.


In order to validate any Aircon warranty claims during warranty period:

   1. End user to arrange electrical connections to be, by law, connected to a distribution board with an isolator, however, the smaller units can run off a plug point , but it is the end user’s responsibility to confirm their insurance company’s electrical requirements. Electrical points to be supplied either by end user or Xtreme Thermo Systems (Pty) Ltd (subject to your house wiring& whether it can be done in timely manner)

   2. Two services are to be done by  Installer a Year for residential Aircons and 4 times for commercial Aircons and its the end user’s responsibility to contact us in order to arrange for service.

  3. Unit size must be adequate for the area installed in ( please review the table on home page)

  4. Only technicians authorized by Xtreme Thermo Systems are to work on the unit